Episode 68

Adapting to Change: How the Electronics Industry Embraced Digital Communication

Join host Sannah Vinding in an insightful conversation with Tobi Cornell, the president of Kruvand Associates, Inc., as they delve into the world of leadership excellence in the electronics industry.

Gain valuable insights from Tobi’s expertise on navigating the changing landscape, digital strategies, and industry insights. Discover the importance of effective communication and engagement strategies, leveraging digital platforms like LinkedIn to connect with customers and showcase the human side of business.

In this episode, Tobi shares the transformation journey of Kruvand Associates, Inc., adapting to new communication technologies and digital marketing platforms. Explore how they have embraced the digital age to stay connected with customers, foster relationships with channel partners, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Gain insights into industry trends, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing customer behavior in the electronics industry.

The conversation also highlights the significance of developing strong relationships with manufacturers and utilizing their marketing content to create engaging materials. Tobi emphasizes the value of videos, attending webinars, and sharing short videos to provide valuable information about products and industry trends. Discover the power of effective digital strategies in reaching the next generation of employees and customers.

Are you ready to navigate the changing landscape of the electronics industry? Tune in to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies from Tobi Cornell’s leadership journey and expertise.


Sannah Vinding


Tobi Cornell



Key takeaways

The electronics industry is continuously evolving, and businesses must adapt their communication strategies to keep pace with digital advancements and changing market dynamics.

Number 2

Building strong relationships with manufacturers and channel partners is crucial for success in the electronics industry. Collaborative marketing efforts and effective communication channels contribute to mutual growth and customer satisfaction

Number 3 - key takeaway mind the innovation leadership podcast

Embracing change and being open to new technologies and platforms are essential for staying competitive in the industry. Leveraging digital tools such as virtual calls, webinars, and social media can enhance customer engagement and facilitate effective communication.

“Every time a new technology is introduced, we embrace it and accept it. That’s the only way you can grow, by accepting changes.”

Tobi Cornell

President, Kruvand Associates, Inc

“Learning is the key to growth and progress. It opens doors to new possibilities and fuels our potential. Embrace continuous learning, for it expands horizons, empowers souls, and propels us towards endless opportunities.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

“Engaging with customers during the design phase is where the magic happens. It sets us up for success in the future.

Tobi Cornell

President, Kruvand Associates, Inc

Show Notes:

On this episode of Mind the Innovation Leadership Podcast, we dive into the changing landscape of the electronics industry and the importance of company culture. Our special guest, Tobi Cornell, the president of Kruvand Associates, shares her insights and experiences in fostering relationships with channel partners and driving the company’s strategy. Tobi’s exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the industry make this episode an inspiring listen.

Tune in as Tobi takes us on a journey through the evolution of communication in the electronics industry, from the days of fax machines to the digital age. She highlights the advantages of digital communication, such as speed, global reach, and quicker reactions. Tobi encourages listeners not to be intimidated by industry changes but instead embrace them to their advantage.

We also explore the significance of building networks and connecting with new individuals entering the industry. Tobi shares her own career path, starting in inside sales and eventually becoming the president of Kruvand Associates. She emphasizes the value of understanding the challenges faced by different teams and building strong relationships with distribution partners.

In addition, we discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry and the transition to remote work. Tobi shares how her team adapted to the new way of working and maintained their close-knit relationships through the use of video communication tools. She also highlights the importance of company culture in fostering strong connections with manufacturers and customers.

Join us as we explore these topics and more on this episode of Mind the Innovation Leadership Podcast.

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Tobi Cornell

Tobi Cornell

Tobi Cornell

President, Kruvand Associates, Inc

Tobi Cornell is the President of Kruvand Associates, a prominent Manufacturing Rep firm in the electronics industry. With her deep industry knowledge and exceptional leadership skills, Tobi plays a pivotal role in fostering strong relationships with channel partners and driving the company’s strategic initiatives. Her unwavering commitment to the electronics industry and her passion for delivering excellence make her a respected figure in the field. 

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