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Collaboration across the full value chain

Collaboration between manufacturers and distributors will be key to the success of the industry.

The manufacturer and distributor of the future will be collaborators. The new normal will be far more technology-driven than it is today. In fact, distributors are already collaborating with suppliers on new products and services that they can offer their customers. This trend will only accelerate as the market becomes increasingly competitive. As we have seen in recent years, there is no shortage of ideas.

I invited Andrew Schwarz to talk about his company and how collaboration across the full value chain is key to the success of the industry.


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Andrew Schwarz



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Andrew Schwarz

Andrew Schwarz

Andrew Schwarz

Regional Sales Manager at SupplyFrame

Focus Sales – aligning customer objectives with the services or products offered. Provided direction to the marketing and product development as to market needs defined by both, engaged clients as well as prospect.
Collaboration across the entire value chain gives companies an opportunity to improve their performance and gain a competitive advantage. Companies are now partnering with each other to increase efficiency and streamline operations. This trend is driven by the fact that collaboration across the entire value chain provides many benefits such as cost reduction, improved customer experience, increased productivity, and enhanced innovation
To compete effectively, manufacturers and distributors must understand how to use data to provide real-time insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to personalize interactions.

Key takeaways

The manufacturing distributor obviously is evolving and the balance of power is always going to be changing and their needs and engagement are going to be changing.
The skillset is going to be the adoption of learning new things.
Collaboration between manufacturers and distributors will be key to the success of the industry.
Manufacturers and distributors now play a key role in helping companies succeed. They are responsible for ensuring that customers get what they want when they want it. This means that both parties need to collaborate closely to meet customer expectations.

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