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Driving Business Success through Purposeful Manufacturing Innovation

In this episode of the Mind The Innovation Manufacturing Leadership Podcast, host Sannah Vinding interviews Matt Johnson, CEO and cofounder of LAIIER.IO, a company specializing in smart building monitoring solutions. Matt shares insights on innovation, product development, and managing a technology company. They discuss the challenges of product development, the importance of effective communication, balancing customer feedback with company direction, and adapting to remote work. They emphasize the value of empathy, emotional generosity, and interdisciplinary technology within the company culture. The episode also covers topics such as project management, setting realistic expectations, and the significance of focusing on specific problems for success.


Sannah Vinding


Matt Johnson



Key takeaways

Innovation and Meaningful Invention:

The concept of “meaningful invention” is emphasized as the basis for successful business innovation. It is important to strike a balance between being inventive and ensuring that the innovation is meaningful, addressing real needs and driving true value for customers and the market.

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Product Development and Communication:

Effective communication is crucial across all roles in a company, particularly in product development. The significance of clear and concise communication is discussed, along with the emotional impact of feature requests and the differences in implementing software versus hardware features. The need for empathy, emotional generosity, and understanding diverse skill sets in today’s workplace is underscored.

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Flexibility, Adaptation, and Collaboration:

The necessity of flexibility and adaptation in project management is explored, particularly in setting realistic timelines, aligning engineering approaches with stakeholder expectations, and understanding the impact of remote working on hardware development. The value of interdisciplinary collaboration, empathy, and diversity in creating and refining products is also stressed.

“Finding the balance between customer feedback and staying true to our core vision is the delicate dance of turning innovation into sustainable solutions.”

Matt Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder, LAIIER.IO

“In a world of perpetual change, setting realistic expectations and timelines is essential for achieving success in product development.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Mind the Innovation Leadership Podcast, host Sannah Vinding speaks with Matt Johnson, CEO and cofounder of LAIIER.IO, a company specializing in smart building monitoring solutions. Matt shares insights into innovation, product development, and leadership, emphasizing the importance of meaningful invention and the challenges of balancing creativity with business success. From managing product roadmaps to navigating remote work challenges during COVID-19, the conversation touches on diverse aspects of technology, team culture, and customer feedback.

The episode delves into the essential skills for today’s leaders, the need to understand emotional impact in feature development, and the importance of documenting project developments.

Listeners gain valuable perspectives on product development, communication, and the continual pursuit of meaningful innovation.

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Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful product development, allowing us to align diverse perspectives and bring our collective vision to life.

Matt Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder, LAIIER.IO

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder, LAIIER.IO

Matt Johnson is the CEO and Co-Founder of LAIIER.IO, a pioneer in smart building monitoring and preventative maintenance solutions. With over 12 years of experience in innovation design engineering, Matt has made significant contributions to the industry.

His academic background includes MA/MSc in Industrial Design Engineering from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. Matt’s expertise in design thinking and product design is well-recognized, and he has received endorsements and recommendations for his work.

His published works, “Embracing Material Complexity” and “Personality, Physiology and The Automobile,” showcase his thought leadership. With a strong focus on reducing business downtime and claims costs, Matt continues to drive innovation in the field.

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