Episode 09

Marketing innovation – the business side of Innovation

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Leadership

Many companies are making poor decisions in their marketing messaging which leads to terrible outcomes. Understanding both the sales and marketing side as well as the technology side can lead to better Solutions and Innovation.


Sannah Vinding



David Shiller

David Shiller

David Shiller

Product & Business Development For The Advanced Lighting Industry

David is the president of Lighting Solution Development, a consulting company providing product and business development for the advanced lighting industry.

The marketing department speaks as the company salesman speaks as a human being and people are much more interested in interacting with human beings thing.

David Shiller

Listen to David Shiller talk about how the manufacturing industry was forced to rethink its sales and marketing strategy due to the pandemic and how to build a digital marketing strategy by focusing on very specific Target audiences and messaging.

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