Episode 23

Transparency in leadership is an essential component of effective management.

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Leadership

Transparency in the workplace is an effective way to create a positive company culture and foster employee loyalty and engagement. Leaders who practice transparency in the workplace reap many rewards, including increased productivity, improved morale, and better customer service.


Sannah Vinding



Lauren Winans

Lauren Winans Guest Mind The Innovation Podcast

Lauren Winans

HR Consultant and Entrepreneur

CEO and Principal Consultant at Next Level Benefits, LLC

The biggest mistake I see is when leaders don’t regularly communicate expectation and or they don’t take the time to provide feedback in the moment.

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Lauren Winans talks about how engaged employees are vital to the success of any organization and how open communication creates a culture of transparency which will lead to better employee engagement. She talks about how essential it is for leaders to communicate regularly and often – Effective leadership is all about communicating effectively.

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