Episode 76

Unleashing the Power of Marketing In Electronics Manufacturing

In this episode, Sannah welcomes the brilliant and accomplished Sander Arts to the show. With an impressive background in global management, digital transformation, closed loop marketing, and strategic partnerships, Sander brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Together, they explore the fascinating realm of marketing in the tech industry, dissecting its successes, failures, and untapped potentials.

Join Sannah Vinding and Sander Arts as they uncover the untapped potential of marketing in the electronics manufacturing industry on the “Mind the Innovation Leadership Podcast.” Tune in for an insightful conversation that will inspire both leaders and aspiring professionals in the ever-evolving world of innovation and leadership.


Sannah Vinding


Sander Arts



Key takeaways

Importance of open and honest conversations:

The importance of open and honest conversations between CEOs and marketing teams is emphasized. Aligning marketing goals and clearly defining the problems to be solved can prevent wastage of resources on ineffective strategies.

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The power of AI in marketing:

The discussion highlights the power of AI in streamlining marketing campaigns, with the ability to quickly create integrated and cost-effective strategies. AI can generate individual pieces of content that are suited for commoditized and high-volume environments, making marketing efforts more efficient.

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Cultural differences and collaboration:

Cultural clashes and frustrations within marketing teams, particularly in global contexts, are discussed. It is suggested that new talent should consider opportunities in larger companies with diverse functions and people, as this fosters collaboration and exposure to different perspectives and approaches.

“Companies often underutilize their inventions in the tech industry due to poor marketing strategies focused solely on speeds and feeds.”

Sander Arts

Founder & CEO, Orange Tulip Consultancy

“Credibility is crucial in promoting products and solutions, especially in industries like manufacturing and electronics where ratings and reviews are lacking.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

Show Notes:

In episode 76, our host, Sannah Vinding, sits down with Sander Arts, a seasoned marketing expert with a wealth of experience in the tech industry. Sander is passionate about the power of AI in revolutionizing marketing campaigns. He questions why it takes companies so long to adopt AI-generated campaigns, which can quickly and cost-effectively create integrated content for high-volume environments.

He shares insightful thoughts on the accessibility of technical information through AI and the improvements in website content discovery. During the conversation, Sander also highlights the importance of orchestration and collaboration in marketing, rather than relying solely on numerous collaboration tools.

He provides valuable advice for CEOs on aligning marketing goals and defining clear problem-solving strategies, as well as the significance of open and honest conversations to avoid wasting resources on ineffective marketing tactics.

The discussion expands to the cultural aspects of marketing, with Sander offering valuable insights from his direct and candid approach, shaped by his Dutch background. He delves into the challenges of executing projects at different speeds and the frustrations that can arise due to cultural clashes. We also explore Sander’s career journey and gain valuable lessons for professionals looking to excel in the industry. He stresses the importance of gaining exposure to different roles and perspectives, advising against getting pigeonholed in small companies and encouraging talents to seek larger organizations with diverse functions.

Throughout the episode, Sander brings unparalleled expertise and knowledge, shedding light on marketing strategies, cultural dynamics, and the ever-evolving tech industry. 

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“Measuring the success of marketing campaigns is challenging, but it is essential to align with business owners and focus on external validation and credibility in promoting products and solutions.”

Sander Arts

Founder & CEO, Orange Tulip Consultancy

Sander Arts

Sander Arts

Sander Arts

Founder & CEO, Orange Tulip Consultancy

Sander Arts is a dynamic and creative senior executive with extensive global experience in technology-oriented environments.

As a (fractional) CMO, advisor, author, and entrepreneur, he excels in delivering change, growth, and efficiency agendas. Sander has a proven track record of building high-performance teams, driving successful digital marketing campaigns, and providing strategic go-to-market guidance. With expertise in social media marketing, strategic partnerships, and brand management, Sander consistently exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional results for his clients.

Email: sander1arts@gmail.com

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