Episode 37

Why Companies Must Invest In People Centered Leadership Development.

People-centric Leadership doesn’t mean being soft or forgetting the profits. It means thinking of the impact of leadership on the people who worked for you and behaving in such a way that brings out their best for you and the company. As a leader in business, you need to understand what makes people tick. You need to be able to connect with them on a personal level. You need to be empathetic. You need to be a people person.


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Heather Polivka

Heather Polivka

Heather Polivka

CEO. Advisor. Speaker at HeatherP Solutions

I help businesses grow by creating workplaces where people thrive. Workplace Culture. Employee Engagement & Retention. New Manager Development. Employer Branding.

Companies need to do it, they have to invest in people-centered leadership development.

Heather Polivka

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Heather talks about why (and how) to embrace a more people-centric leadership style and why leadership development is essential for any company to succeed. People are the most valuable asset in any company and leaders should focus on making sure that everyone feels valued. She talks about how brands start from the beginning with the brand itself and then define values in terms of behaviors. It’s all about making sure they hold themselves accountable for leading inside these behaviors that will make their company succeed. Leaders must take time out to examine ways in which their employees can be inspired to perform better. This can be done by recognizing them for their efforts and giving them positive feedback.

Key takeaways:

Why does fear impact our productivity zone versus the reward response in our brain?
The stuff that most companies miss is they do not then define the values in terms of behaviors.

Why you should adopt a more people-centric approach to leadership.

One of the most important things leaders can do is provide opportunities for growth. This includes giving people chances to learn new skills, share ideas, and develop themselves professionally. It’s also about recognizing that everyone has a unique set of strengths. When you’re leading a team, you need to be a people-centered leader. You need to be someone who cares about your employees. Be that leader who provides constructive criticism so that employees can improve their performance and skills.

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