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Curious people make better choices.

Research has shown that curiosity motivates us to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. As a result, curious people tend to be more open-minded, flexible, and innovative. And when they’re curious about a topic, they often choose options that are more beneficial to themselves and others

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding


When it comes to change, people are not stupid

Manage change is an important ingredient in any strategy process

When it comes to change, people are not stupid. People understand rationally, understand why you want to be somewhere else in the future than where you are right now.

And here it comes to understanding us as human beings, a bit of psychology around that we, human beings are wired in a way that we save energy. We don’t want to waste energy. We don’t, we only move if we have to, right?

If our little iceberg is melting out there in the ocean, we will only realize it when it’s basically too late, because Hey, there is still enough space on this little iceberg, right? There’s still enough food around us, understanding the need for change.

And being able to manage change is an important ingredient in any strategy process and leaders in an organization that wants to drive change, can just use some of those frameworks that are out there

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What is a strategy?

A strategy is your plan to achieve a desired state in the future.
Your strategy is your way in order to get there in order to move your company, your team, your business, to that desired state.

What is learning? 

Innovation Deals with Developing Information and Create New Things Based on Existing Things.

What is learning? Learning is processing information to the extent that. you are mastering it and can apply it in any way.

Companies will need to rethink how work is organized within their organization and the change will require redesigned business processes and a new focus on the talent they have—and the talent they need. The evolving development of skill sets in a company is the most critical avenues the company faces because, without the right skills and the right people, a company will not succeed

KPI Dashboard = Car Dashboard

So if we look at a car dashboard, that’s, that’s the KPI dashboard. There are a number of indicators not just left and right. So, but many of them are hidden until you need them.

Make your team aware of the KPIs

“I don’t think KPI has evolved. I think the way we use KPI has evolved, but that’s the thing. So they’ve always been there.

Understanding the through value of a true chief people office

The importance of being a people-centric organization and understanding the through value of a true chief people office.

Agile-lean practices are about better products, faster

It’s about ways that you can understand how to improve the performance of teams, how you can improve the way that teams are really focused on.

Let go and stay curious so you can ask the good questions

How good is your company at problem-solving? Learn more about how LEGO serious play works as a catalyst and can improve the implementation of a lean management system in your organization.

The lean mindset is effective in any process-driven environment whether it’s in the delivery of a service or a product.

Coach to inspire, and to learn 

You’re giving them tools and, and kind of putting the focus on them, being able to build their own abilities rather than giving them all the answers or giving them some suggested answers.

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding


Be ready to unlearn what you know!

Everything that you already learned will not take you to the next step, you need to continuously evolve and at the same time know and stick to your core values.

Let’s learn together. 


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