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In today’s fast-paced world, innovation might not be enough. Tomorrow’s pioneers of change will also need to be agile, able to adapt, and committed like never before.

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The importance of being a people-centric organization

How do you build a people-centric culture? you start with aligning with people’s values. The culture is the secret sauce and it is unique for every business – it’s all about fostering a culture where the employees feels valued and engaged.

Episode 16    |    20 min. | Featuring: Jared Allmond

Episode 16 – Jared Allmond

Episode 16 The importance of being a people-centric organization How do you build a people-centric culture? you start with aligning with people's values. The culture is the secret sauce and it is unique for every business - it's all about fostering a culture where the...

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Episode 15 – Andy Skipper

Episode 15 Coach or mentor? You need both. Encouraging coaching and mentorship are key components when managing modern employees. The right skills play a critical role in driving future success and it is all about asking the right questions, empower employees, provide...

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Episode 14 – Steve Stucky

Episode 14 How a Lean-Agile Mindset and Practices can Improve your Product Development Outcome How can you radically reduce idea-to-market cycle times? How do you build sustainable, profitable growth for the business through better product development and the...

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Episode 13 – Sudhanshu Srivastava

Episode 13 Failing fast is a great thing, but fail forward - so that you're moving What is the secret sauce for a successful product launch? The secret is to create a knowledge-intensive company where there is a  dynamic between knowledge creation and knowledge...

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Episode 12 – Fred Leland

Episode 12 Don't be afraid to adapt and adjust your methods of learning.How can decision making and problems solving skills be improved? What is sense-making teaching/learning and can it helps us to solve problems better? Learn how to help your people work together...

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Episode 11 – Terry Barnhart

Episode 11 How to think outside of your own experiences What are the tools you teach people about how to think? How do you get teams to work together collaboratively on learning? It's really hard. Every high-performing team goes through cycles of growth and...

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Episode 10 – Paul Dunlop

Episode 10 Let go and stay curious so you can ask the good questions How good is your company at problem-solving? Learn more about how LEGO serious play works as a catalyst and can improve the implementation of a lean management system in your organization. The lean...

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Episode 9 – David Shiller

Episode 10 Marketing innovation - the business side of Innovation Many companies are making poor decisions in their marketing messaging which leads to terrible outcomes. Understanding both the sales and marketing side as well as the technology side can lead to better...

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Episode 8 – Robin Gaster

Episode 8 What is the secret of Amazon's huge Success? Why is amazon one of the most successful companies worldwide and what innovation strategies drive their ongoing quest to become the most customer-centric company?  Amazon has mastered the art of innovation on a...

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Episode 7 – Chaim Guggenheim

Episode 7 A world of thinking and learning What is learning? Learning is processing information to the extent that. you are mastering it and can apply it in any way. Companies will need to rethink how work is organized within their organization and the change will...

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Episode 6 – Jeff Hastie

Episode 6 The Role of Leadership in Changing Organizational Culture Every employee impacts an organization's direction, but leadership has by far the largest and most direct effect on company culture. At the end of the day, leaders are the ones who can make or break...

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Episode 5 – Charlotte Nytoft

Episode 5 How to drive digital innovation across  Digital transformation is driving business innovation in many industries, and many companies are failing to actually take the leap and digitalize their communication with their customers, partners, and even within...

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Episode 4 – Louise Kjølholm

Episode 4 The importance of accepting the early stages of innovation  The value of digital data collection is on everybody's mind and there are a lot of benefits of how data collection and innovation can increase project productivity and efficiency. It has never been...

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